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Are you interested in opening your cricket account online but having trouble locating a reputable betting platform? This is the Book that Reddy Anna wrote for you. The most reliable and well-respected cricket demo ID platform in India can be found here. The largest exchange platform in India, Reddy Anna, provides excellent options for betting on online sports and features a withdrawal service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Minimum ID- Rs 100

Minimum Bet- Rs 100

Minimum Withdrawal- Rs 100

First Exchange in India with over 55 branches, and the first exchange in India to offer withdrawal and payment options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via PhonePe, GPay, UPI payment, Net banking, and Paytm 24x7. Customer care

The Reddy Anna Book Exchange and Its History

Since its inception in 2010, Reddy Anna Book has served as a platform for the operation of cricket betting books and exchanges online. Following the publication of Mahadev's book, this website is currently regarded as the most comprehensive book exchange platform for cricket betting. It stands out from other exchange platforms thanks to the straightforward options it provides for making deposits and withdrawing money. This website is either owned by Reddy Anna or administered by her. We conduct all of our business directly over Whatsapp, and we are planning to release our unique betting apps for the Indian Premier League and the ODI World Cup very shortly.

Reddy Anna cricket ID online has just recently introduced the most cutting-edge and original betting strategies to increase one's income. Customers may promptly obtain their cricket ID online, and withdrawal services are available round the clock. This platform is in first place for the book exchange market because it has more than 50000 happy clients. At the moment, it operates offline locations for more than 200 of its branches.

Obtain Your Cricket ID Immediately Online Now!

In order to begin betting, you will first need to obtain your Cricket ID online by going through the following straightforward steps:

You can get in touch with us through the WhatsApp number that is listed on our website (

You will be given a registration form that you are required to fill out with all of the pertinent information, such as your complete name, email address, current residence, country, updated cellphone number, gender, and other information.

After that, you will be able to create an online Cricket ID. Choose and generate a password for the account.

The process for creating your ID on Reddy Anna is outlined here.

Make A Financial Investment In Order To Bet

Customers who want to place a wager on a game must first add funds to their registered user ID.

After logging in to your ID, click the "Deposit" button.

Now, choose the method of payment that you will use to deposit funds. PhonePe, GPay, UPI payment, Paytm, and net banking are all acceptable methods of receiving deposits from Paytm users in India.

Please make sure to fill out all of the necessary information for the deposit.

To make a deposit, select it.

Keep in mind that if you agree to the terms for the money deposit, you are also agreeing to the costs that will be imposed by the website.

Instructions on Placing a Wager on Reddy Anna

You are able to bet on more than 1000 games and also play more than 150 live casino games without having to go through the procedure of registering. On the dashboard of the betting site, you can see the live games that are now being played. You have to pick any game, and then place a wager on it. If you wish to wager on the match toss, click on the match that you want to bet on, and then navigate to the Fancy bet section. Put money on the specific team that you support.

Many opportunities to Wager on Live Casinos and Sporting Events

The Reddy Anna cricket ID platform provides access to thousands of different sporting events and games, some of which include cricket, basketball, football, tennis, and soccer, among many others. Bets can be placed on any sporting event, including live matches and individual games. You won't just have access to sports betting, but also live casinos, where you can put your skills to the test and try to earn the most money possible.

How to get in touch with us

The webpage includes a listing of the available phone numbers. You can also contact us through any one of the WhatsApp channels that are provided below.

How to Make a Cash Withdrawal

The withdrawal process is fairly simple, and you may have the amount you won sent into your bank account by just making a valid request for withdrawal on the numbers you registered with the site. It is important to keep in mind that the withdrawal notification will only be posted on one website. First and foremost, you are required to nullify any remaining bets and consent to the withdrawal of any winnings. There may be a small fee associated with withdrawal requests.

In order to guarantee that the withdrawal request is processed correctly, we will check the details one last time before beginning the process. The sum will be reflected in the bank account number that you provide, which you must provide.

Bets can be placed with complete confidence on the Reddy Anna Book platform. Obtaining your cricket ID is as simple as going online and following the instructions provided to you. Yet, gambling and betting can become addictive behaviours; therefore, it is important to play honestly if you want to avoid falling into this trap. Put your money in safe investments and play the market to see what kind of returns you may get. Because you have access to deposit and withdrawal services throughout the clock, you may take use of betting services whenever you like.

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